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Why worry about any Qualifications or Insurance that your window cleaner holds? or does not!

  • Any window cleaner worth his salt will have adequate Public Liability Insurance and if they have employees insurance for them as well.We take very seriously the need to be adequately Insured and are transparent about it.Having insurance is also a precondition to being a member of many official Window Cleaning Organizations, such as 

So if your Window Cleaner is Uninsured, Beware !!

  • A tremendous amount of trust is afforded a window cleaner,particularly on residential property and when things go wrong (break-ins and garden theft) its easy to point the finger of blame at the window cleaner,and understandably so. Just think ! you give them access to all around your property, often with a pair of ladders at hand.They also get to know when you are likely to be away from home,so full trust is essential. Trust of course can be built up in time, but can you afford that time?

Before choosing your Window Cleaner consider the following :-

  1. Generally the more a window cleaner invests in their business the more they would have to loose if they are found to be untrustworty.
  2. Is the window cleaner a member of any official body?
  3. Do you find the only means to contact your window cleaner is via a mobile phone? If things go missing, so will they without a trace. If your window cleaner offers you several means of contact and is fully traceable, then you are on much safer ground.
  4. Does your window cleaner have a vehicle that is sign written? Always a sure indication they want to be seen and remembered.
  5. If you find it difficult to trust your window cleaner then you are probably right to do so.
  6. Too many window cleaners are in the business to earn money on the side (and not a few while signing on),arriving when they need the extra cash in some clapped out car,laden with an inadequate domestic ladder and some cheap cleaning materials. Buyer beware comes to mind "you only get what you pay for" Would you really trust such a person to crawl over your most expensive possession? your house! just for the sake of saving a few pounds.
  7. Finally a Professional Window Cleaner is there for the long haul, come hail, rain or shine. They work all year round, as often it is their only means of income, not disappearing as the seasons change. Yes! a professional Window Cleaner is the only Man or Woman for the job, so choose wisely.
  • We at Upper Glass Cleaning have taken on board all the above questions and concerns. We have received qualifications from the British Window Cleaning Academy ,we also have membership of the associated Clear Choice Scheme (Click Here).This Clear Choice Scheme has intimated that in future provision will be made to prove members do not possess a criminal record. (essential if working at schools or financial establishments). We have also invested heavily in the latest equipment,which includes the new E-Compact 650 Reverse Osmosis machine from Brodex, giving you, the customer, the best possible results available today. As you can see from our web site we are easy to contact by a variety of means and aim to be professional in every sense. If  you want to visit us at home then why not give us a call and arrange a visit.

So! you need your windows cleaned. Then look no further than:-

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Kingswinford,Kidderminster,Cookley,Stourport on Severn,Hagley,Clent,Trysull,Sedgley,Himley, Gornal,Dudley,Stourbridge,Lye,Wordsley,Brierley Hill,Wombourne,Swindon,Kinver,Cradley, Cradley Heath,Bewdley,Chaddesley Corbett,Wolverley,Caunsall,Bobbington,Cleobury, Claverley,Trimpley,Blakedown,Seisdon,Belbroughton,Wolverhampton,Bilston,Wallheath, Wall Heath,Pensnett,Stourton,Audnam,Amblecote,Seisdon,Wollaston,Wollescote,Oldswinford, Arley,Rock,Hartlebury,Cleobury Mortimer,Pedmore,

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